Let's go:

We are an externally focused church with an emphasis on service.  We believe that transformation can occur when:

People of Good Will . . . Serving through Good Deeds . . . To Build A Bridge . . . Across which the Good News can travel!


We serve in three ways:

  1. Congregational – There are special times in the year where our congregation joins together to serve as a united force.
  2. LifeServe Groups – Our small groups not only study the Bible and pray together – they also serve together!
  3. Individually -  We invite people to watch for “grace intersections” in their life where they can serve in big and small ways!



This Fall:

Fall is a great time to add serving to your routine.  This fall we will have many opportunities to serve where there will be a space for you to use your gifts.  Our major focus this fall will be on three ongoing partnerships. They are:


  • Hayward Elementary School: We love being in partnership with a very special school on the Northwest side of Sioux Falls. For six years we have been communities partners with them and loved encouraging their work as they invest in students throughout the year.  You can be involved at Hayward by:
      • Mentoring:  The Sioux Falls Public Schools partner with Lutheran Social Services to screen, train and prepare mentors to invest in the lives of children.  Mentors are always greatly needed at Hayward and if you would like to consider this gift of serving talk with Pastor Allen,
      • Staff support: We provide meals and other forms of encouragement to the staff at Hayward throughout the year.  During the Parent/Teacher conferences we provide meals so that the teachers can get some refreshment during their long days at school.  Those dotes will be publish soon for our next meals at Hayward
  • Elementary Immersion at Jane Addams: We are forming a new relationship with a school a few blocks away from our church.  Later this fall we will be collecting waterproof mittens and gloves as well as snow pants for the children attend this wonderful school.  The Elementary Immersion school is the first school a child from another country will attend in Sioux Falls.  Many of these children have never had winter wear.  We will help get them ready for the weather to come.

Be on the lookout for opportunities to serve! Check out our events page here!