Using the YouVersion Bible App, you can follow along with the Sunday Worship Service without a paper worship folder.

What this offers (in one, easy to use place):

-Scripture passage that we are studying

-Sermon outline that you can add notes to

-Chance to submit prayer requests that come to mind during the service

-Chance to ask questions about the sermon (or anything else talked about on Sunday) that we will answer as a staff

-Links to any videos shown on Sunday

How to access:

  1. You need to have a smartphone or tablet
  2. Make sure you have internet access (data or wifi)
  3. In your app store, download the YouVersion Bible App.
  4. Once downloaded, register by submitting an email, username and password.
  5. Once logged-in, on the sidebar of options, click on the tab entitled: “Live”
  6. Then, click on the tab entitled: “Search for a Live Event”
  7. If The Point is to Serve does not show up, type “The Point is to Serve” into the search line.
  8. Click on the live even that is shown (they will be titled with the current weeks sermon title).