The Point’s Frequently Asked Questions:

When do you worship? We gather for worship each Sunday at 10 a.m.

Are children welcome to be in the service? Absolutely! Our goal is to partner with you in the spiritual formation of your children. If that means keeping them in the service with you, we celebrate that. However, we do offer our KidsServe (Children’s) Ministry (3 years – Grade 5) and nursery (Infant – Age 2) during the service with age-appropriate materials.  KidsServe begins after the first set of worship songs as we see it valuable for children to be a part of the service with you.
What should I wear? Come as you are. We are probably a little more causal than most but you’ll fit in whatever you are wearing.
What is your style of worship? We have a contemporary style of worship with Bible-based teaching.
How long are services? We try and keep most of our services right around 75 minutes.
How often do you serve communion? We serve communion on the first Sunday of every month. Communion is for anyone who has made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ and strives to live for Him in their life. No matter what background you come from, if you trust in Jesus, communion is for you.
What’s with the name? We realize that “The Point is to Serve” is not a normal name for a church. After all, it doesn’t even have the word church in it.  We are named this because we feel that the message and love of Jesus are not just for us, but to be freely given to all. Jesus left us an example of serving. It is radical, sacrifical and at times misunderstood. There were times when Jesus stopped talking and simply served. We strive to follow this example. We think we best understand God when we spend as much time serving as we do talking. The point of all we do is Jesus Christ, but when we are His, the point for us then is to serve.
What is The Point’s affiliation? The Point is a part of the American Baptist Churches of the Dakotas, which is a part of the larger American Baptist Churches USA.  For more information, click here.
Is BINGO still offered? Although many people still refer to our building as the “Old Bingo Building”, we do not have the cards, stampers, and pull tabs.  So if you come some weekend to play, you might be very surprised! 

Any other questions? We would love to answer any and all questions that you may have. Contact us here for more info!